Sunday rambles

I typical don’t post on Sundays. I’m not sure why. For a while on Sundays the boys took turns writing the blog post, but with school and life being as it is that sort of died off.

Sundays typically find us up and out the door after breakfast. We usually head to the gym to get in a good workout. Richard and I will use the rowing machine and then hit the weights. We switch up what we do, but typically it is bench press, incline, curls, some kind of tricepts, kettlebell squats. The we sometimes do rows, lat pull down, split squats, suitcase walks, or any other freeweight/ kettlebell exercise we are in the mood for that day.

We also have a routine of going to Lowes and DiBellas on either Saturday or Sunday. This week we went on Sunday since we didn’t leave the house yesterday other than to shovel. We had to pick up a piece of furniture/shelving/drawer system whatever you want to call it that we ordered for the office. I decided to put garage storage pieces into the office since I painted it gray and am putting in decorations based on biking. My thought was that the garage pieces would hold a lot of stuff (and we have a lot of stuff for the office) as well as fit the idea of a masculine bike decorated room.

While we were there I picked up a blanket that was on sale for $5, a living Christmas tree that we will plant in the spring that we bought for $21… on sale from $80, and some on sale paint. At some point we are going to paint the garage walls and don’t really care what color, so we are going to just collect on sale paint and then mix it together and see what we get! You’ve got to love finding a good deal.

So as you can see our weekends are just busy with life things… doing what needs to be done. Some days that is the best things to do together… just be.

Hope your Sunday was productive. Tomorrow the boys and Richard have the day off so we have a few more chores to do and then we will enjoy the day doing nothing.

What did you do on your Sunday? Did you have any special plans? Do you have the day off tomorrow?


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