Monday morning

It’s Monday morning! Richard and the boys are home today. There is snow in the forecast and it’s Monday.  But, there is something nice about a long weekend. The slow start to the work/school week is always a treat. Now granted when I taught I always had a love/hate relationship with long weekends. I loved the extra time home with my family, but I hated the feeling of squeezing 5 days work into 4. I was always a K or 1st grade teacher. Those children need routines the most and often have a hard time transitioning from home to school routines when they’ve had an extra day off.

But, today I’m going to enjoy time with my guys. We are heading to Costco this morning. We always had a membership to BJ’s Warehouse and for a long time I went there every week to purchase a ton of our groceries. We bought meats, paper goods, milk and even deli from BJ’s. It is nice to boy the boys snacks there too because then there is always snacks around. Before we moved here, we let our BJ’s membership expire since BJ’s isn’t convenient to us here. We debated on not getting a new membership, and buying more of the bulk items on Amazon, but have since decided it is better to get a membership somewhere. So Costco it is! We went and checked the store out before Christmas. The parking lot was PACKED. There were so many people there. But, we also know that right before the holidays all the warehouse stores get packed.  The nice thing is I’ll be able to go during the week and it shouldn’t be as busy… perks of being a stay-at-home mom right now.

After Costco, we will probably come home and just relax. We are making pancakes and bacon for dinner, Colby’s request. Then try to get back into bedtime routines and prepare for the short week ahead!

Do you have today off? What are your plans? Do you have a warehouse club membership? If so what do you typically purchase there?



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