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Pancakes and Bacon for dinner


Tonight we had pancakes and bacon for dinner. This is a huge favorite in our house. We don’t make it all that often, but when we do it is a hit! One of my favorite part of this meal is I just have to mix up the pancake batter and then Richard does all the rest of work. Colby helped put the chocolate chips onto the pancakes the boys were going to eat.

Let me tell you Colby is a pancake and bacon fiend. He can polish off more pancakes and bacon than Richard and I together. When he was little bacon was the only meat he would eat. We often joked that he would have become a vegetarian if it didn’t involve giving up bacon. Then he discovered steak… he loves all kinds of meat now, but bacon is still one of his all time favorites.

When we were at Costco, the boys asked to get orange juice, but they only came in a pack of 4… that’s a lot of OJ. Richard suggested getting chocolate syrup, but I vetoed that too since it was two HUGE bottles. When I asked Richard what he wanted to drink with his dinner his first response was OJ, which he typically would have when we eat breakfast for dinner… we didn’t have any. Then he wanted chocolate milk.  Well, I made this happen. I found a recipe that used the dark cocoa powder and sugar to make chocolate milk mix. Here you go… chocolate milk for you! I knew he was just giving me a hard time about the items we didn’t purchase at Costco, but I made it work anyway.

After dinner, we went out and shoveled. It started snowing around 4pm and had already put down over and inch. We decided to go out and clear off the driveway, sidewalk and the truck so there would be less to shovel in the morning. We are supposed to get snow all night. I wonder if the boys will have a 2 hour delay tomorrow? We will see, probably at 5am.

Well time to finish cleaning up, cut the boys apples for their lunches, and settle in to watch some brainless tv. Tomorrow I’ll share pictures of Richard’s office with his new furniture and the 2 new rugs that were delivered today.

Good night!

I enjoy reading your replies to my posts. Keep sharing your thoughts, it helps motivate me to share mine! 

Do you enjoy having breakfast for dinner?  Do you make pancakes from scratch? What’s your favorite recipe? (mine is linked in the post) Is it snowing where you live? Do you shovel while it is still snowing or wait until it is all done?


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