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Feathered Visitors


On Sunday, we purchased a new feeder to put the sunflower seeds in for the birds. The one we had before was mesh and the snow was getting inside and freezing the seeds solid. Also, since we were only using it for sunflower seeds, they couldn’t get the seeds through the mesh.

When we went to switch the feeder, there was a lot of seeds stuck in the bottom. We just banged them off at the bottom of the steps and left them there.

bird_03Yesterday, some of the birds found these seeds and were having fun eating the seeds in the protected corner. I sat and watched them for quite a while. It was fun to watch them interact with each other as well as which ones would go up the steps. Dixie wasn’t sure she liked having the birds there. She tolerated them until they were up on the steps she could see, then she had to tell them it was her house.

I debated putting more seeds on the steps today. I haven’t yet because I still have to clean off the steps. Last night we shoveled 1.5 inches around 6:30pm. We woke up to another 2ish inches today. I still need to shovel the back steps, them maybe I’ll put more seeds on the steps for the birds.


I enjoy reading your replies to my posts. Keep sharing your thoughts, it helps motivate me to share mine! 

Do you feed the birds at your home? Are you getting snow right now? What are your plans for today… mine… shovel and clean the house!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!



3 thoughts on “Feathered Visitors

  1. Bird feeding is my winter hobby but this year has been really disappointing. First, I have a dozen squirrels who have destroyed two bird feeders. I have a raccoon that lives under the deck and destroyed another bird feeder. The critter proof feeder I bought is apparently not something the birds want to eat from. I am sad. I also liked putting seed on the sidewalk. Bluejays for one prefer to eat corn from the ground. But I can’t because of the raccoon. Sad winter.

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