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House updates

I haven’t posted any updated pictures of the house lately. We are still working on making the house our home. Having Christmas here certainly helped in this process. The boys are loving how we made over their rooms (Blake’s room and Colby’s room) and bathroom. We felt these were the rooms that needed to be completed first. I have also already painted the downstairs bathroom, but we still need a piece of furniture for there and then it will be done.

Richard’s office was painted shortly after I finished the boys room, but we have been slowly working on making it feel more and more livable, and workable. As I recently mentioned in my post about going to Lowes, we purchased some garage storage pieces for his office. They are now in place and the office has a lot of storage and is feeling more functionable. Now, I just need to work on getting the decorations, but that will come with time.

On Black Friday, we ordered all the furniture for our living room and morning room. We have finally found the rugs to finish off these areas. I wanted two different rugs, but their colors needed to work together. The living room, kitchen and morning room are all open to each other so everything needs to work together. We purchased one rug on Black Friday and I found the second rug on-line recently.  So now we are working on finding paint colors to paint these rooms. Then the first floor will be done.

I love that the house is starting to feel more cozy and homey. It feels like us… and that is what makes a house a home.

I enjoy reading your replies to my posts. Keep sharing your thoughts, it helps motivate me to share mine! 

Have you painted your home? How do you decide which color(s) to use? Have you ever used garage type furniture inside your home or am I the only crazy one? What makes your house feel like home to you?


4 thoughts on “House updates

  1. My partner actually works for the company that makes Gladiator storage (garage and man cave storage) and their offices are all done with those items!


  2. We bought a semi-fixer in 2015. It was livable had been remodeled in 2001 by an older woman. It didn’t go with our young family style. I am a DIY-er and have been having a ball. Not one project is complete of course but things are coming along. I tore up most of the laminate and carpet to reveal the original hardwoods which were in amazing condition. I have painted most rooms. I have added ceiling lights to the kitchen. We have a hallway pantry that had stock cabinets that jutted out into the walk space too much. I pulled them out, cut them down, reassembled them, and put them back. I am currently painting the kitchen cabinets. Once spring here is we have a ton of outside word to do. All these things happen while I raise two boys, run my own business, and of course try to write my own blog! I really love it though. I think your house is coming along too. Hope Pine is treating you well and the house is everything you thought it would be.

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    1. you certainly are tackling a lot, but making it your own will be so rewarding in the long run. we are loving the area. the boys are enjoying school, the weather and our neighborhood. people are so neighborly here which is nice.


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