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Photo Challenge: Silence

The topic for this week’s photo challenge is silence. This is actually something I have blogged about in the past. (here and here) That didn’t stop me from jumping on this topic for a photo challenge.

I debated on taking a picture of my computer with a mug of coffee. Each morning after my sons leave for school I take a few minutes of silence to have my coffee and write my blog post. I use it to ground me before moving on the activities I need to do each day. But, a lot of bloggers feel like their time blogging is a moment of silence in their life to reflect on what is happening/has happened that day.

I debated on taking a picture of the book I’m reading and my glasses. Each night I take 30 minutes or so to wind down from the day by reading. If you follow my blog, you probably know that I’m an avid reader. (I’m almost done with the book I’m reading so watch for a book review soon.


I decided to walk outside. to look at the wintered world that surrounds me and capture a moment (or two) of silence here. Having just moved (well moved back) to an area with snow, I’m truly enjoying the silence that winter brings. The silence of your footsteps as you walk through the snow. The silence of seeing trees covered in snow, and the creatures who line in them. The silence of snow covered grounds that have yet to be walked through by humans, dogs or any other animal. The freshness of the world in the frozen stillness of this silence.


Take today to walk outside and enjoy the silence of nature. Find that patch of snow that is just calling for you to put your own footprints in the snow.


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