Countdown to the Olympics

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Most days I try to get all my chores done in the morning time. I try to have remember to have lunch around 12:30/1:00 and then take after lunch until I pick up the boys to chill. I often watch the shows I have taped on my DVR. If I don’t have anything taped I will put on Food Network or HGTV.

Today I didn’t want to watch that and started looking through the channel guide. I found ice dancing on the Olympics channel. I didn’t even know we had an Olympic channel. While ice dancing is not one of my top Olympic sports I decided to put it on while I was doing other things.

I love when the Olympics comes around. It reminds me of being a kid and being excited to see sports you never see on tv. I grew up in a family that watched sports all the time. But, Olympic sports are different/dynamic. I always enjoyed watching the people from the different countries showing so much pride in their country and sport.

I have shared this Olympic love with my sons. Blake is a sports fanatic, so it wouldn’t matter what sport was on, he is happy. But, it was always fun to see them watch sports they wanted to learn more about. This year they will get to see the winter Olympics and understand a bit more about these winter sports. Ok they will never ride a bobsled or skeleton, they probably will never learn how to participate in curling or ski jumping. But, they can appreciate the cold, playing in the snow and enjoying the winter.

So I guess we will be watching more of the Olympic Channel while we wait for the real Olympics to start!

I enjoy reading your replies to my posts. Keep sharing your thoughts, it helps motivate me to share mine! 

Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? Do you have a favorite winter sport? 


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