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Rainy Monday, Sunday fun day, and warmer weather

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It’s a rainy Monday morning. For us this not only means it is gray and dreary it also means more snow melting. We have been warming up for the last few days. Yesterday we left the house with just light weight sweatshirts on (it was in the high 30s). This high temperature yesterday was 49 and today is projected to get to 60!

We headed out around 9:20 to take Dixie to doggy day care. The day care where we board Dixie during our travels is running a winter Sunday doggy day care special. You can drop off your dog from 10-4 and it only costs $10 for the visit. We decided this was a good way to get her out and running around. She loves going to The Dog Stop and was so excited to go play with her friends. Of course she was also excited because this also meant a ride in the car, one of her favorite things to do.

When we dropped her off we headed to the gym. One of the nice things about the gym we are using right now is the fact that they youth area has a kid size weight circuit, treadmill, and stationary bike. The kids are also allowed to use the basketball court, racquetball courts and track. The boys use the circuit weights for 3 sets of 10 do some kind of cardio, often running on the track, and then they can play on the Wii. This gives Richard and I a good chunk of time to workout together. I enjoy my workouts with Richard for multiple reasons. One being that I can test out heavier weights and he is there to spot me. The second is we very much think alike. I just have to look in a certain direction and if he follows my eyes he knows exactly what I’m thinking. There is something very funny about watching other people workout.

After the gym, we came home and Colby was over the moon excited. He had spent the Amazon gift card he got for Christmas on ordering more characters for the Lego Dimensions, and they arrived while we were out to the gym. The boys spent a few hours working together to build the Dimensions add on kits and then play the game. While they did this, Richard and I went outside.

I went out originally to feed the birds. I couldn’t walk near the feeder without my winter boots on. This is not because the snow was too deep, it was because the ice/slush pond of water was too deep. So in I went to put on my winter books. Richard decided to come out and move some of the “pond” so that the water could flow down the slope of our backyard. We spent a good 45 minutes working out in the backyard. I spent some time doing dog pile pick up, I also picked up 3 piles of deer skat. (We saw a 3 point buck in our backyard the night before). Richard got out a rake and was moving the snow piles away from the foundation. It was strange to be out in jeans and a long sleeve shirt, or in Richard’s case a short sleeve shirt, working with snow, but it was really nice out.

Image result for patriots vs jaguarsWe ended the day watching the Patriots/Jaguars football game. I grew up in MA, so I have Patriots blood… you can’t grow up in MA and not cheer for the Pats, it just doesn’t happen. But, Blake Bortles, the Jag’s QB, played for UCF. He is an upstanding guy and it’s hard not to cheer for him if you know much about him. (Plus his name is Blake and his younger brother’s name is Colby… how cool is that?) It was a great game. We even paused the game to have our dinner of fish tacos and finished watching it after we finished eating.  Got to love the ability to pause live tv.

After we finished the game, we decided to contact both sets of grandparents. The boys enjoy talking to their grandparents on Google Hangouts. This way all parties get to see each other not just talk on the phone. We have done this for a while with Richard’s parents. We also used this technology whenever Richard traveled so the boys could talk to him in “person” not just on the phone.

Today Colby is home so that he can get his teeth checked out again. Remember the story of the bike vs teeth incident? Anyway a trip into the city is on the agenda for the two of us today. Let’s hope this proves that his teeth are doing fine and we can put this behind us soon.

I hope you have a great Monday to start this new week! I hope you had fantastic weekend. Catch you later!

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I enjoy reading your replies to my posts. Keep sharing your thoughts, it helps motivate me to share mine! 

Is it raining in your corner of the world? What do you think of rainy Mondays?

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