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The Alice Network – book review


Last night I finished reading The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn. I picked this book up because Kate Quinn did a review on The Last Christmas in Paris, which I reviewed here.

The Alice Network is a book about the female spies in World War I. The story begins as Charlie, Charlotte St. Clair, is heading to Europe, but not for a good reason. Charlie is pregnant and it is 1947. Charlie not only isn’t married, she doesn’t know who the father of her child is, and her parents want this taken care of and forgotten about.

Charlie feels lost, she lost her brother who killed himself after the war, her favorite cousin who lives in France has been missing for two years and Charlie just feels lost. On the way to her “appointment” to take care of the “little problem”, Charlie decided to leave her mother and go search out her cousin, Rose.

Charlie had done some research on what possibly happened to her cousin Rose and came across the name Evelyn Gardiner. Evelyn Gardiner, Eve, didn’t want anything to do with Charlie and her search until she got a bit more information. Charlie saw Eve as a drunk, crippled, crone who could kill her, help her, or kick her out on the road. Eve got help with life from a Scot named Fynn.

The story goes back and forth between Eve’s story in World War I and Charlie’s story post World War II and how these two ladies stories are intertwined. Together Eve and Charlie learn about the truth of the past. Eve comes to terms with her years as a spy in the Alice Network, and Charlie comes to terms with all the drama in her life.

This story sucked me in and kept me there from beginning to end. If you chose to read this book, make sure you read the Author’s Note where you learn which parts of the story are true history and which are historical fiction. If you love a good historical fiction that shows the true strength of women then The Alice Network is a story for you.

What’s next on my nightstand? Secrets in Death, by JD Robb. I probably will not review this book since it is part of a long series of books. Richard and I both love this book series. I recommend the “in Death” series to anyone who loves a good murder mystery.

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