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Come home when the street lights come on

Today felt like spring. I saw 51F at one point in the day. When we lived in FL, if I said it was 51F outside we would be bundled up and hating life. But, here in PA, nope… 51 is down right balmy outside.

The boys decided to go out on their bikes after school and ride down to the playground. I love that they are now old enough to just go. They know to stay together. They know to go where they told me they’d go and no where else without checking in first.

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They left the house around 4:20pm. My sons, unlike many of their peers, do not have cell phones. They also don’t wear watches. Colby is notorious for losing or breaking his, and Blake doesn’t like to wear one. So what did I do, I told them to come home when the street lights come on. Ok well the house lights. We don’t have street lights in our neighborhood, but each house as a couch light that has a light sensor so it comes on when it gets dark.

I remember this was the cue we had as kids to go home as well. In the summer, we’d be home for dinner and then go back out until the street lights came on. It was the sign that said time for bed pretty much. So it just seemed right today to give that as the cue to my sons to come home. And they did! So that Mom Trick still works!

How’s the weather in your part of the world? Did you have to come home when the street lights came on as a kid?


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