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Family Friendly Hike


One of the groups that I belong to on Facebook is the Friends of North Park. North Park is a county owned park that is about 3 miles from our house. It is 3,075 acres across three townships. It includes a 65 acre lake, tennis courts, ice skating rink, pool, playgrounds, hiking/biking trails, dog parks and so much more. When we were looking at houses in the area the proximity to North park was one of the draws to the location we built in.

01_28_08_hikeOn Friends of North Park, they often post about up coming events in the park. One that caught my eye was a Family Friendly Hike sponsored by LL Bean Pittsburgh Outdoor Adventure Club.  Richard and I had been talking about wanting to get out and do more outside. I thought this was the perfect opportunity and it was free!

So off we went on Sunday. First we dropped Dixie off at the Dog Stop here in Wexford. They are offering doggy day care on Sundays from 10-4 through February. This only costs $10 and is such a great opportunity for Dixie to go run and have fun. Plus since we would be out most of the day, why not have her out too?

After dropping Dixie off we headed to the meeting spot. There we met up with the rest of our hiking group and met the LL Bean leader. It ended up that Blake and Colby were the only kids on the hike, but that was fine. They kept up and answered most if not all of the questioned posed by the hike leader. We looked at water run offs, animal tracks, and Colby even found a rock with fossilized impressions on it. We hiked about 2.5 miles.

The four of us enjoyed the hike and we even decided to take on another hike on Wednesday night. This time it is a full moon hike. It will be a longer hike and we will get to experience the park at night under the light of the full moon… the blue moon, the blood moon, too bad the lunar eclipse is only being seen by the west coast or we would see that as well.

One last picture for you… We stopped at the tree below. The leader was showing how even though the tree is hollowed out in sections it still has a purpose. They talked about what kinds of animals could be living in the tree. She also pointed out that although the side of the tree we were looking at was dead, the back side was alive and the tree still could produce leaves and thrive for a few more years until there was more dead than life. When I first looked at the tree all I saw as a face. So I had to take a picture of the creepy tree face.



3 thoughts on “Family Friendly Hike

    1. hiking is such a great way to get out into nature. I love hiking with the boy, I really enjoy hiking alone, yes I know probably not the best idea, but being alone in nature is so relaxing. hope you are able to find the best hiking time for you


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