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It’s Monday again

 Last week was one of those weeks that felt like two weeks. Don’t you hate those never ending weeks? Yesterday I made a comment about not feeling good last Monday and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t even been a week since that night.
Well even if the week was long and tedious, the weekend was good. Saturday we woke up to spring type temperatures. Richard decided to go for a bike ride, the boys rode down to the playground with a football and I decided to tackle the backyard. The lot we purchased has a large wooded section at the back of our property.  While we intend pretty much leave it in its natural state, I want to start cleaning up the edge leading into the grass to start. So I went outside with my garden sheers and a trash bag. I started on one edge and cut back and removed about two feed of the weeds and brambles on the edge of the property.
As I was working I felt like I’d made a huge dent in it, but then when I stepped back you could hardly notice the difference, oh well it’s a a start. I would have kept working but mother nature decided to continue with the spring feeling of the day and it started to rain. It then rained all day long! So, we worked inside.
I unpacked my Lego Cinderella Castle. Richard purchased this for me last year and never really found a place for it in the Orlando house. I just moved a bureau we had in the office to the basement so that became the home for Cinderella’s castle for now. I also finally got around to transferring the boys’ height chart to the new house. When we were moving one thing I insisted was that I would find a way to move the boys’ height chart. I had a hard time knowing that those marks inside our pantry would have to stay and we wouldn’t finish seeing them grow in that house. So, we transferred the marking twice, once on a long sheet of paper and another on a roll of adding machine tape.  I finally decided where to put the marks in our new home. I transferred the marks, measured Blake (oops only a few months late, but still did it).
It feels like every time we unpack one more box, or add oneW more thing from the past to our new house it helps transform the house to home.
Saturday night I went to bed with a post nasal drip and a scratchy throat. This is never a good thing! I know it has to do with the pressure changes that are swirling around and come in and out with the raising and lowering of the temperatures. While I enjoy the spring like weekends we have been having, that coupled with the winter temperature weeks means my sinuses hate me. Sunday I woke up feeling like my head was going to explode and my throat hurt. Airborne and allergy medicine here I come. That didn’t stop me from completing our plans for the day!
Sunday we went on a hike in North Park. The hike was sponsored by LL Bean. I’ll post about it later today after I have time to upload and edit the photos. We have already signed up for another of the LL Bean hikes. This Wednesday they are having a full moon hike!
Last night I went to bed right after the boys. I think I turned off the light before 8:30pm. That on top of the fact that I took a nap in the middle of the day. Richard made bbq chicken for dinner and I did next to nothing. That was a nice break, sadly it came because I wasn’t feeling well. I did sleep last night, but still woke up feeling like crud. Oh well…. life calls. Time to shower, head to the grocery store, do laundry and so much more.
But, I do promise to get the pictures of our hike uploaded and a post about the hike will arrive before the end of the day today!  It’s my goal.
Hope you have a Magical Monday.



3 thoughts on “It’s Monday again

  1. Oh I can’t wait to hear about the hike! When I was in Freeport, Maine this summer, I heard a lot about the LL Bean activities and thought they would be so fun!
    I hope you feel better soon!

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