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cookies, woodland creatures, and a renewed inspiration

Today ended up being a snow on and off all day kind of day. I used it to get some cleaning done as well as a bit of baking. While I was reading through blog posts this morning, Leen Cuisine had a post about buckeye brownies. I was tempted to make these, but linked to it was a recipe for chocolate-swirled peanut butter cookies. Now these really peeked my interest. So this became my motivation to finish my chores. I mixed up both batters and decided that instead of making swirl cookies, I’d make layered cookie bars. Thanks Colleen for the motivation to bake today!

While I was telling my stories about my night last night I forgot one small detail. So, if you follow my blog you know that we like our woodland creatures that we see in our Image result for woodland creaturesbackyard. We enjoy seeing the different deer and birds (even the crows) that visit our backyard. BUT, last night we confirmed a suspicion I’d already had… we have a mouse living in the garage. Richard went to put his windshield cover on his truck and found it’s nest in the layers of the cover. I’d noticed something move in the garage before, and Dixie has been sniffing around the corners more than normal. Well, Richard went out last night with just a flashlight and found the little bugger. But, it got out the garage doorway before he could do anything. We then saw its paw prints in the snow this morning. YUCK. So, we brought all the bird seed into the house and now we are trying to figure out what the next step will be to keep the woodland creatures where they belong… in the woodlands!

So, I’ve been thinking of different ways to bring in a bit of money. I have had a Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) store for the last few years. Last night I contacted a former co-worker, who also happens to be a friend, Blake and Colby’s kindergarten teacher and the mom of one of Colby’s friends. I decided to ask for some inspiration for a new TPT product. We got chatting, via text messages, about some thought she had as well as life as a kindergarten teacher. Being a kindergarten teacher has changed so much over the years. When I first started teaching kindergarten was VERY different from what it is today. So my goal is to try to figure out how to make the learning activities I create academic enough to justify it to administration, but enjoyable enough that the kids have fun doing it. Now there is a task! The first kit I’m already making in my head is a simple write the room activity. This allows the students to get up and walk around while reading and writing the pictures/words that are hung about the classroom. I’m going to also provide the teachers multiple recording sheets. As you can probably guess, my creative juices are flowing. I’m ready to get back into doing something education based, and make some money in the process!




7 thoughts on “cookies, woodland creatures, and a renewed inspiration

  1. I also did some cleaning today and it feels so great to sit down now in my clean house! I’m going to enjoy it while it last! Good for you for searching for ways to make some extra money. It sounds like fun. 😉 Oh and good luck with your creature in the garage! A couple of days ago while my daughter and I were doing our calendar, we opened the door to feel the weather, and a lizard zipped right in. I don’t like lizards so I just let him be. Today I noticed him hanging out so I got a flu swagger to try to shoo him out the door. Instead, he hopped in an artificial plant so I tossed that plant outside and out he went. Success! I was so proud of myself! Have a great weekend!

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