Good morning!

And just like that the world is white again!

Last night I slept like crap… no let me restate that… I didn’t sleep. I hate the fact that when I take any kind of medication to deal with congestion it either knocks me out so I can’t function or wires me so I can’t sleep. So, I was awake for most of the night. At 3am I went downstairs, missing the last step and hurting two of my toes. I hate laying in bed awake if I feel like I won’t fall asleep soon. So I went down and played on my phone. I gave in and went back to bed around 4:30, but I don’t think I fell asleep until 5am.

I was shocked that I didn’t get a 5am wake up call from the district. The snow started last night. We went downstairs to watch tv at 8:15 and when we came up at 9:00 there was snow everywhere. At that time, the street and sidewalks weren’t covered, but it was snowing hard and I knew that wouldn’t last long. When i was awake in the middle of the night the snow had stopped, but the plows weren’t out. So I expected the call that said 2 hour delay. But, the phone call didn’t come.

So, I got up and went outside and started the snow shoveling. The snow wasn’t bad except for the end of the driveway where the plows left snow up to my knees. Oh well it’s a good workout.

Today I’m trying a new recipe. When I went to the grocery store yesterday, country style ribs were on sale. I love finding meats on sale. Who doesn’t like a good bargain? My first thought was to make teriyaki ribs. So now I’m hunting the internet for a recipe that I want to try. I am doing it now so that I can pop these into the slow cooker and have them cook through the day.

We will see how tired I am today and what I feel like, but I will make it work. Well I’ve got to get my ribs going and go back out and finish shoveling so I can do the rest of my daily jobs.

Hope your world is full of fun today. Have a Terrific Tuesday!



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