February 1st

And just like that January is over. Today is the start of February. For some reason this year January felt fast to me. It doesn’t seem like over a month ago we were in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl.

It’s odd how some times feel like they move so fast and other times seem to crawl. I know we had a lot going on in January and I’m sure that played a roll in the pace of the month. We have more fun lined up for February. We still have 2 more sets of tickets from Christmas. We will be heading back into the city to see Monster Jam and Jeff Dunham.

Typically February is a long short month. There aren’t many days off. It’s cold. Its February. But, just like every other month here is a first in our new home. It will continue our first winter here in PA.

We have more house projects coming up including the painting of the kitchen/morning room/family room area of the house. That will be a big project. We have had our 90 follow up with the builder so we have subcontractors coming in to fix the issues that we have found over the months we’ve lived here.

Some days it feels like we’ve lived in PA for a long time and other times it feels like we just moved from FL. It’s hard to believe the boys are more than half way through their school year. It’s hard to believe that in 2 months Richard will have been in PA for a full year.

Time it’s all relative. Sometimes the good moves fast and the bad moves slow. Sometimes life just moves at it’s own pace, but it moves.  Time marches on. We can look back and reflect on what we could have or should have done, or we can look forward and determine what the next step will be. But, no matter what we choose… time moves on.


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