Groundhog’s Day

We have had another huge swing the temperatures. Yesterday it was in the 40s all day and most of the snow melted. Last night we switched from rain to snow and this morning we woke up to white an it’s only in the teens. Brrr!

Well the groundhog says we are going to have 6 more weeks of winter. I’m not sure the groundhogs here in Wexford (we have a lot around we saw them driving around in the summer and fall), would have seen shadows this morning. The sun is just breaking through the clouds now and it’s already 10am. So when they pulled poor Phil out of his burrow at the crack of dawn this morning I don’t think the sun was shining enough here to make a shadow.

I decided to give in and take down my snowmen decorations today. This is the time of year when my decorations are really slim. It will get better for Easter, but then peters off until Halloween. I love having seasonal decorations up it adds a change to the house dynamics. So today I put out the Valentine’s Day decorations. I barely had enough to do the front hall cabinet and the fireplace. Oh well… it makes the windows seem bigger and brighter without the decorations on them?

Richard stayed home from work today because we are supposed to have 3 different people come and fix things in the house. I love when they give you time frames  like sometime between 8am and 12pm. Could you narrow that down a bit more? One of the guys just said “I’ll be around in the mid-morning time frame.” Ok! At least Richard can do some of his work remotely. But, taking a day off is good, he’s been working a lot lately.

Richard did the shoveling by himself this morning. Granted it was only about one inch and the plow didn’t come around, that’s the worst. I got to take it easy this morning and just herd cats get the boys ready for school. I’m feeling better than I was yesterday. I can almost breathe today and I’m coughing a lot less. I guess taking yesterday off and getting a decent night sleep helped.

I hope the Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction was wrong and we won’t have 6 more weeks of winter, but if we do, we will make the best of it!


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