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Into the kitchen

Over the years I’ve tried to get the boys to help out in the kitchen as much as possible. I have so many pictures of them helping me bake and cook when they were little, but as they got older the interest started to fade.

But, I have insisted that they learn to make certain foods that they like to eat on a regular basis. I feel it is my job to teach them the basics of cooking so that they will be able to cook for themselves as the get older. This is just one of the many things we do to help our sons realize that independence is something you need to work at and strive for.

So, Colby was asking for more Larabars. I took this as an opportunity to teach him to make them on his own. These homemade larabars aka Loribars, are not only yummy but very healthy. He enjoys them as either a breakfast or snack. His favorite flavor is peanut butter chocolate chip.


4 thoughts on “Into the kitchen

  1. That’s awesome!! I complained a lot as a kid, but now I thank my parents every day for making me independent. Made setting out on my own way easier for me than it was for some of my friends!

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