Read / Write the Room ABC for TPT

And just like that… I’ve completed my newest kit for my Teachers Pay Teacher’s site.

Read / Write the Room ABC

This kit is geared towards kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students. It is an activity where the teacher posts pictures, words or the combination of both around the room. Typically the students then go around with a clipboard and read and write the room.

In the kit, I included a variety of worksheets that the teachers can use depending upon the needs of the students. The sheets allow everything from writing the word and illustrating it to writing sentences for each of the words.

Read / Write the Room ABCRead / Write the Room ABC

I added eight pictures to go with each letter of the alphabet. These words are more complex words which will build the students vocabulary for reading and writing.

You can check it out here.

Now to start working on my next kit!


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