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Special Blog Post by Blake: Pop Goes the Tooth

I remember losing a couple of my baby teeth, back in 20-something. See, I’ve just added a new tooth just a while ago. Turns out it’s one of my molars. Why, do you ask, am I writing about teeth? Well, if you ask, it’s one of my first peaks: First molar EVER!!! The crazy thing is: I found out two days ago that I had a loose tooth at school during (when else?) lunch. Soooo….. Today after dinner (meatloaf muffins,which were actually pretty good),  I decided to have Starburst for dessert, with my Starburst Sandwich, which is all the original flavors in one ‘sandwich’ of goodness(my own idea). On trying to soften and chew up the third piece, which happened to be strawberry, the tooth got stuck in the Starburst and went POP or something, and there the tooth goes. I say, “There goes my tooth.” I take the Starburst and the tooth (it didn’t stick, it just caught onto the piece) out of my mouth and take a look. There’s a little blood but that’s it, and my adult tooth is already coming in. Mom said when she felt the adult, “No wonder the tooth fell out.” Here’s a couple of pics of my mouth now and me holding the tooth in my hand:



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