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I have/Who has short vowels kit for TPT!

I finished another product for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This one is a game. The game is called I have/ Who has.

I Have/ Who Has Short Vowel GameI Have/ Who Has Short Vowel Game

To play the game, you pass out cards to each child. You then pick one child to start reading his/her card. The cards says I have_____. Who has ____. Each child looks at their card and looks to see if they have the card mentioned by the first player. The player with the correct card then reads their card.

This is a quick and fun game that is great for reviewing skills. The kit that I made has 5 games that practice reading CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. I made one game set for each of the short vowels.

You can find this product here. I hope you enjoy playing it with your class!.


6 thoughts on “I have/Who has short vowels kit for TPT!

      1. The only thing I can think of that I would love on a game like that is a symbol on the back that would allow me to easily put them in order to make sure that they were all there.
        The only one I’m looking for right now is a version to practice making words past tense! I haven’t had a chance to look too much to see if it exists yet. I usually just end up making my own, but they’re never cute🤣


          1. The other thing I was thinking about that would be good for those games would be to ensure there are 24-30 cards. Having a couple of students with two is much better than having two students per card. It always drives me nuts when there aren’t enough cards for everyone!


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