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2 hour delay and mouse mayhem

Today the boys had a 2 hour delay. This meant the morning moved slower than normal. Richard re-set the alarm and we slept in until 7am. I then went down and cleaned off the truck and moved the snow, it was less than an inch so it was easy to clear the driveway.

I decided to walk the boys to their bus stop and then get the mail. I had to wait for the painter to show up. He was here on Friday, but didn’t have the correct stain to finish fixing one spot on the stairs. He finally showed up around 10:30. I could then jump in the shower and go on with my day.

I headed to the grocery store. This may have been a mistake since it was already almost noon, I probably should have had lunch first, but didn’t. I didn’t buy too many items that we didn’t need for the week. I got a lot of good deals on meats. I love finding proteins on sale. I will pick them up and put them in the freezer. We have a stand up freezer in the basement and I love knowing its stocked with things we can use to make dinners.

I arrived home with a headache… again probably from not eating since it was now after 1pm. I had lunch and a coke. Coke is a splurge for me, but one of the things that often helps with my headaches. I’m prone to migraines so if I can fend one off with a coke or a coke and excederine I will!

While I was relaxing and watching brainless tv, Dixie started going crazy jumping at the backdoor. I walked over to see what she was looking at. I thought maybe a bird was on the steps or a crow was in her line of vision. I thought maybe there may even be a dog that she could see…. NOPE. There was a mouse. Yep a blackish-gray rodent going in and out of the holes in the bottom of the pavers we have at the bottom of the back steps. Ok now I’m have to do something because I don’t want a mouse where the dog goes in and out all the time. So after texting back and forth with Richard we decided to put one of the mouse traps at the foot of the stairs. yes, I know this mouse is outside and it is in nature, but nope it was way too close to home, literally!

I went and moved a trap from the garage. I then took Dixie out front so she could go outside, but not be near the trap and mouse. While I was walking around I noticed that these little buggers have created a virtual mouse highway around our house. There was paths carved into the lawn, through the bark mulch and under the edge of the house. Ok this is war now!

I did catch one mouse. Richard expected me to pull the level on the trap so I could release the dead mouse and reset the trap. No way in hell am I doing that. I picked up the trap using huge piece of metal that we had in the garage and placed it on top of the air conditioner compressor and Richard can deal with it when he gets home. Then I set out another trap. Not sure if we will catch another one since we only caught one in the garage.

Ok woodland creature… you need to stay in the woods… please! I don’t want to wage war, but I will.


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