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I heart you day!

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Today is Valentine’s day. What does that mean in our house… not much. Richard and I both have the same philosophy on this day. Over the years we have done less and less each year until we are where we are now realizing that it is just a day. We were talking about it last night. Richard said he was glad that I saw it the same way as him. That we do not need one day to tell us we love each other we do that all 365 days of the year. There is no need to buy cards that will get put in a drawer, flowers that cost more than normal, or candy that neither of us needs to eat.

Colby is exchanging Valentine’s in his class. Over the years we have done everything from making our own Valentines to buying the boxed ones and just signing names. This is the last time we will make a Valentine box. The last time we will have whole class Valentines. I purchased bouncy balls and Colby made tags to go with them. I printed them out and put everything in a zip lock bag. I did like that his teacher said no food items. My kids don’t like most junk and always hated getting a bunch of candy that they won’t eat as Valentine gifts.

Blake’s class is not doing Valentines this year. At their school, fourth grade is allowed to do it, but then it stops. Blake didn’t have an issue with not doing it, so it works for me. There is a huge difference between 4th grade and 5th grade in terms of development and maturity.

I have always wanted to find that balance of having the kids experience these holidays, yet see that they don’t need to be over the top. That this day is about friendship and the people you care about. That you can enjoy the day without having to go over the top.

What are we doing today? We are going to Jeff Dunham. This is the last of the Christmas presents that we gave the boys. The four of us will spend tonight together laughing and having fun.

I hope you and your loved ones find a way to enjoy this day in ways that make it special to you.

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