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Eating update!

So I did a good job eating today. I made myself an omelette with leftover philly cheese steak for breakfast. This meant that I had steak, peppers and onions in my omelette. I had the last cara cara orange for a morning snack.

For lunch I had salad made with broccoli slaw and spinach. I then topped that with Colby’s leftover chicken and cheese from Chipolte. This was really good. I almost wish I had made some rice for this too, but it was healthy and yummy topped with salsa and a bit of sour cream.

I had a mandarin orange after lunch as I wanted something sweet, and that filled the need. I made oatmeal cookies with maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal today. Those were yummy. Colby enjoyed them too. I also made larabars per Colby’s request. I had one cookie and a bit of the larabar.

Right now I’m making dinner. I’m having quinoa, broccoli slaw, spinach, cheese and leftover pork chops from last week. We are having fend for yourself dinner tonight since Richard isn’t home for dinner and the boys had their late night at school.

I’ve already drank over 60oz of water and just filled my bottle again. I’ll probably drink the full 90oz today.

Today was beautiful outside. We got up to 76F. I have the windows open and am enjoying this spring weather. I wish it would last, but that isn’t the forecast.

Hope you had some yummy food today and a bit of nice weather graced your doorstep. Time to sit down and eat!



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