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Photo Challenge – Sweet… Maple and brown sugar oatmeal cookies


When I saw that this week’s photo challenge topic was “Sweet” I knew I needed to post about the cookies I made yesterday. I typically bake about once a week. Richard takes most of what I bake to work with him. So I get to enjoy baking and his co-workers get a homemade sweet treat. I call that a win-win situation!

We recently purchased a large variety pack of instant oatmeal. Colby often eats this for breakfast before school since it is quick and filling. He heats the water in our Keurig bonus points for this kitchen tool!

So we already had some maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal and then in the variety pack it has more maple and brown sugar than the other flavors. Guess which flavor Colby likes least…. yep exactly. So I decided on a random whim to see if there was a way to bake cookies using the instant oatmeal packets.

I found this recipe which is for apple cinnamon instant oatmeal cookies. I decided to give it a whirl. The only other change I made to the recipe, beside switching the maple and brown sugar oatmeal, was to use only brown sugar not brown sugar and white sugar. I wanted the brown sugar flavor to shine.


Let me tell you this was easy and yummy. Colby decided he really liked these cookies and took some of out of the tin I’d packed for Richard to take to work. Colby wanted to make sure there were some for him to have at home.

The cookies are a nice chewy cookie and the flavor was wasn’t super sweet, but brown sugar forward. I think this would be really good with cinnamon spice or raisin spice oatmeal as well. So if you have extra oatmeal packets laying around, or want to buy some I’d say this recipe is a “go for it” one!


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