Kiss Carlo- Book Reveiw


So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I put the book I was already reading for a bit. One of the reasons I did that was so I could read Kiss Carlo, by Adriana Trigiani. Over the years, I have read almost all of Adriana Trigiani’s books. Her stories are about families, communities and the craziness that occurs around them.

Kiss Carlo was up to Trigiani’s standards, in my opinion. Set in Pennsylvania shortly after World War II, Kiss Carlo is about the Palazzini family dynamics. It features Nicky who was adopted into his Aunt Jo’s family when he as orphaned as a young child. The Palazzzini family is divided in two with both Dom, Aunt Jo’s husband, and his brother Mike at odds for year. Each brother owns their own cab company in south Philadelphia.

Nicky has been moonlighting at the local Shakespeare company. He works backstage, but has an effect on each person in the company. Calla has taken over the company from her father as he is quickly aging before her eyes. Calla wants nothing more than to save the sinking theater.

Nicky, who has been engaged to Peachy for over 7 years discovers he doesn’t want to marry her anymore. This sets both Nicky and Peachy’s families on edge. Nicky decides he needs to get out of town. A telegraph comes in that Nicky decided to deliver in a not so traditional way. His adventure sets out with Mrs. Mooney, the cab company dispatcher. This trip will change both of their lives.

This book will make you smile. It show strong family ties. It shows the dynamics of people who come and go in your life. It also shows how life can change even when you least expect it to, but that often is when the change is for the best.

If you are looking for a light yet enjoyable read… pick up Kiss Carlo, by Adriana Trigaini, you won’t be disappointed!

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