Rain, rain and more rain

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I’ve talked about the weather a lot this week. It’s funny everyone said you’ll hate the winter. You’ll hate how gray it is. You’ll hate the cold. None of us really got bothered by the winter weather. Yes, it was cold! Yes, there was snow and I still hate shoveling, but I do it. But, I didn’t find it gray and dreary when we had snowy days. I actually found it rather bright with all the windows we have in the back of our house.

Now this week… not so much! Tuesday was gorgeous! It was sunny and got to 77F. Then it went downhill from there. Rain, rain and more rain. I’m over the rain! It’s gray all day. It’s damp and dreary. I know the rain is good, but it’s not when in this large of quantities. We drive around and see all the retention ponds are over flowing. There is standing water everywhere: on the roads, in the yards, you name it there’s water there!

Well according the forecast we should start seeing the sun again soon. Until the next storm front comes through on Thursday! Oh well… I’ll enjoy the sun when we see it again.


Different topic: Quick question for you my readers.  Many bloggers have a question on the bottom of their post for you the reader to encourage commenting. Do you think I should begin doing this on my blog or do you prefer to just comment about what you want when you want? Help me improve my blog for my readership!


7 thoughts on “Rain, rain and more rain

  1. I want to go back to rain!!! It will wash all this horrible white stuff away:)
    I see those questions but I usually just comment on whatever I feel compelled to. When I see some of them, I think it must be difficult to come up with a new one each day.

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