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What is that big shiny thing in the sky?

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The sun is shining! Finally!! Yesterday the rain finally stopped. We had an overcast day, but at least there wasn’t any rain. I find it funny that this rain bothered me so much. One thing you learn about FL after living there for any length of time …. it rains a LOT in FL, like almost every day from spring through the fall.

Yesterday we headed to the gym. It was good to workout with Richard. I was able to increase the weight on many of the different exercises I did. After that we decided to stop at the grocery store. We had lunch there before shopping. It was nice to sit down and eat lunch before shopping. There is nothing worse than shopping when you are hungry. Oh wait I know what’s worse than that… shopping with kids when they are hungry!

We picked up pizza dough at the store. This meant that Richard was in charge of dinner instead of me! We had a meatball Stromboli for dinner. YUMMY! I can’t wait until we get a grill so that he can make grilled pizza again. Hmmm wonder if we could make it on my grill pan??

Today I decided to head out for a walk. I walked a little over a mile. The wind was a bit stronger than I like when I walk, but hey the sun was shining! I’m continuing to work on eating healthier and drinking more. I’m aiming for feeling healthy. Continuing to show my boys the importance of healthy lifestyle.

Time to go steam clean the muddy footprints off the wood floors! Maybe I’ll get back outside after lunch. Got to make up for all those days being stuck inside… the sun is shining… time to go outside.


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