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Time to head outside

Yesterday found me outside! I went for a walk around part of the neighborhood. I walked a little over a mile. It was a pretty easy walk. I had my Map My Hike app on, but when I started my walk the neighbors were outside so I talked to them for a bit. This threw off my time and timing. Yes, yes I know I could have paused the app, but I didn’t.

After lunch I decided to go out to the grass/woods line of our property and work on clearing up a lot of the brush right at the edge. I started this during the last warm stretch we had this winter. I made a decent dent and felt very productive. I was wearing my winter boots, jeans, and an under armour sweatshirt (my favorite sweatshirt for these days). When I came in I sat down to have a drink and felt something on my arm.  EEK! Ticks. I never got out of my clothes and vacuumed the house so fast. I tossed all the clothes I had on in the washing machine, boots into the garage, brushed out my hair outside and vacuumed everything. At least they were only little itty bitty things AND none of them had borrowed. So we are out of the wood until we can treat it. We will put granular down on the lawn and then get spray for the woods. At this time, I’m not worried about the area the dog and kids play since it is not that close to the high grass and woods. It’s crazy that after only a few days of warmish weather the ticks are out in force. Oh well that’s what happens when you live on the edge of the woods.

When the boys came home they buckled down and got their homework done so they could head out and play with their friends. They made plans on the bus to meet up at the playground to play football. I love that they can make plans that motivate them. They were given a time frame to leave the playground and off they went. They came home to leftover dinner. They weren’t happy that I limited their options to pork or chicken leftovers, but ended up making meals they enjoyed. Blake made a chicken and cheese wrap and Colby took leftover lasagna noodles and leftover chicken and created chicken alfredo. I had leftover rice, pork and peppers and onions. Yeah of eating leftovers!

life is good. now onto today!



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