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kitchen tools make life good, well yummy

Kitchen tools make life easier and food yummier! Today I have shredded beef cooking in the crock pot. I tossed it all in early this morning and just let it cook away. The house smells yummy and I don’t have to do much to cook a yummy meal for the guys.

This is one of those tweak as I go recipes. I put in chuck roast, 2 onions, smashed garlic, 1/2 a jar of banana peppers and the juice, and a pepper. I then added soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, apple cider vinegar and beef stock. For seasonings: Montreal Steak seasoning, cumin, coriander, oregano, dry mustard and a bit of a new spice I got for free at the grocery store, Bell Pepper Salsa.

I had to go to read in Colby’s class this morning so I tossed everything in the crock pot and then left to go read to Colby’s class. When I got home we had more workers here to work on the house. It was actually the guys in charge and they are trying to figure out why the cabinet doors are straight, but don’t close correctly. Don’t know, don’t care… just fix them!

After the left, I headed out for a walk. I walked 1.92 miles just in the neighborhood. I then came home and had lunch. All the while my dinner was cooking. The house was starting to smell better and better.

When I was done with lunch I took out another kitchen tool… my bread maker! I was using it just to mix and rise the dough of the batch of rolls I’m making to go with dinner. I’m using this recipe to make french bread rolls. I put everything in the machine, set it to dough and walk away. When it beeps, it’s ready. I just needed to roll cut and roll the dough into the rolls. I let it rise again for 40 minutes. When that is done I will bake it!


So tonight we will enjoy shredded beef and peppers with homemade rolls. It will look like I spend the day slaving in the kitchen, but I didn’t. Hmmm which tool should I use next?

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