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Sleep… who needs sleep?

And just like that the sun is gone and the rain is back. Today I drove up to the boys school for the third day in a row. I helped with the set up of the book fair. Next week, I’ll be there helping out with that a few days. When I drove to school, it was overcast. When I left school, it was raining, but a light misty rain. Just before the boys would get home from school the mist turned to real rain. It’s crazy that the yard is already flooded. I guess we didn’t have enough days of sun to dry out just yet. I’m sure there will be more flooding over the next few days.

Last night the boys didn’t go to the playground because it was threatening rain at that time. We decided to meet up with Richard at the gym instead. Colby is really starting to enjoy the time in the gym and is working on running, sit-ups and push-ups. Blake did some circuit training and then played Wii. Richard and I did a bit of cardio, flat bench, and then worked on lower body. I did a lot of kettle bell exercises. Let me tell you, kettle bells will get you sweating if you do it right. I had hope that the workout would help me get a good night sleep, but that wasn’t in the cards.


Has anyone read the book Lilac Girls? That is the book I’m reading now. I’m finding it very hard to read emotionally. This book is set during WWII and it delves into a lot of the dark side of that war. While I know a lot of what happened, to read about it from the prospective of someone who is living through it makes it that much more real. The story has two characters who interact with each other in a concentration camp, one a prisoner and the other a doctor. I have been having trouble sleeping at night and while I’m not thinking or dreaming about the book, I wonder if this is disturbing my sleep in some ways? Hmmm I may need to get a second book and read Lilac Girls during the day and something a lot lighter at bedtime.




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      1. No I seem to be very affected by what I read so I avoid most of the emotionally disturbing stuff but sometimes have it for a bookclub book so I learned to alternate.

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