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Painting time

Richard stayed home from work today to help paint our main living area! Which is a good thing because it would have taken me many days to do it on my own and there are a few points in the rooms that I couldn’t reach even with a ladder.

Last night we spent time moving all the furniture. This made it easier today.

We woke up late and had to rush to get the boys up and moving and off to the bus on time. We did make it!

After having breakfast ourselves we set to work putting down paper on the floor. The roll  of paper we got this time was really nice. The paper is nice and thick and held up well to walking on and moving the ladders over it.

Next is cutting in all the edges. With 7 windows and the sliding glass door… there was a LOT of cut work to do. Richard worked on the upper half of the wall and I slid along the floor and worked on the lower half.

We were almost done with the cut work and stopped to have lunch. We both ended up being lazy and just having peanut butter sandwiches. Richard had chunky with honey and I had smooth with jelly. After this we set out to finish, and just did. Or well almost. We didn’t paint above the top cabinets.

I call this a successful day.

We will paint the gray wall another day. Hope your Friday was as productive as ours.

(please excuse the quality of the pictures they are SOOC)



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