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Flame BBQ restaurant review

Last night there was no way I was cooking dinner. The house was still pretty much a cluttered mess from painting. The kitchen counters were covered with paper, the island was covered with everything that belongs on the counters. The kitchen table was covered with everything we using for painting.

So we decided to go out to dinner and then head to Costco to get the things we needed from there. We didn’t know where we were going to go, so we decided to try some place new to us.

We went to Flame BBQ in Cranberry, PA. I found it on-line while Googling “restaurants near Cranberry, PA”. I really like the near me features on Google as it gives you the map and then you can get to the websites. I like going onto the Google Earth feature of the map as I have to see what it looks like to know where in the world it is talking about. I can’t give directions go north 5 miles, that means nothing to me. I’m more of a drive until you see this gas station then turn right kind of person. So looking at the Google Earth map helps me see what I would see while driving.

Anyway…. back to Flame BBQ. We looked at the menu on the site and sort of had an idea of what we were going to order. We always look at menus on-line before going somewhere for the fact that my boys are picky eaters. They are getting better, but aren’t always super adventurous in their eating.

2018-03-02 18.00.02This restaurant was a small store front in a strip plaza. They had space for about one dozen people to sit in the restaurant so you can tell they do a lot of take out business. They had pulled pork, pulled chicken, pulled beef and brisket as their main meats. This works!

Colby ordered first. He decided to get the Jr. Beef 2018-03-02 18.00.07Brisket Sandwich. The meat in this was very lean and after he added the BBQ sauce it was very tasty. The roll they use for this was good too.

Blake ordered Ms. Chicken which is the pulled chicken sandwich. The meat came with their sweet sauce on it already. This too was really good. The chicken had decent flavor. It had the same roll as Colby.

Richard ordered the Boss Platter. This is two meats and two sides. Richard choose to have pulled pork, brisket, coleslaw and their side called Cheezy potato bake. He also got a kaiser roll with it. The pork was really good. Just like Colby, the brisket had good flavor, but was dry since it was so lean. The coleslaw had a bit too much mayo, but the flavor wasn’t bad. Neither Richard or I liked the potato bake thing. The potatoes tasted almost uncooked and it didn’t have a strong flavor.

2018-03-02 17.59.53

I ordered Pig Pen. This was fries topped with pulled pork and cheese sauce. This was really yummy. I was shocked that the whole time I ate this the fries stayed crispy and never got soggy. I think this was the right balance of meat, cheese and fries. I would certainly get this again.

2018-03-02 17.59.59

We left saying “Yep, we will go there again.” We all agreed that the meat is cooked perfectly and the food was flavorful. I think next time, I’ll try beef and mac (mac and cheese topped with pulled beef) but I did like the pulled pork a LOT.

You will find us going back to Flame BBQ again.


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