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Scones and Rolls

This week we have things going on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I hate when things are scheduled for around 6pm because it makes dinner hard. The boys get home from school a little before 4pm. We aim for an 8pm bedtime. This means that they need to complete homework and have dinner before we leave for the event. So for these days this week we have simplified dinners.

Tonight we are heading to the first HOA meeting for our new neighborhood. Richard’s goal is to come home and have dinner before we have to leave. So, I pulled leftover ribs out of the freezer. I decided to toss them into the crock pot this morning and let them do their thing. If I remember correctly, when we made these ribs the first time they were a rolls1bit dry. I put them in the crock pot with more BBQ sauce, Worcestershire and soy sauce. I let them cook on low and then warm all day long. I wanted something to go with them, so I decided to bake rolls. We made these last week and they were soooo good. So I popped another batch into the breadmaker.

While the breadmaker was mixing and rising my roll dough I decided to make scones. When Blake was in kindergarten we talked about moving to Seattle, WA. We went out there on vacation to look at possible jobs and living places. This move didn’t work out for our family, but we had a great trip. Every day in the hotel we stayed in they had fresh scones. I came home swearing that I was going to learn to bake scones. I tried a few times and never felt they lived up to the expectation. I often get scones when we are out and about, but I haven’t tried baking scones for a while.

scones3It seemed like in the last week or so I saw scones everywhere. I saw them on multiple shows that I watched on food network as well as on blogs. AJ on a Petite Slice of Life, encouraged me to try baking scones again after a comment I made on her post. So, today I did! I made strawberry blackberry scones. I feel like if I’m going to jump in, might as well jump in with both feet. I found a recipe from King Arthur Flour that sounded good enough to try.

They are really good. They are flaky, yet not falling apart. They have a good flavor, yet are dense and light all at the same time. I guess they are contradiction of flavors, but it works.

So now I know what I’ll be having tomorrow for breakfast with my coffee!


5 thoughts on “Scones and Rolls

    1. they are good. I think they need to be a bit sweeter, I didn’t make the glaze for the top. I reheated the one I had with my breakfast this morning and the texture and flavor (other than sweetness level) was perfect. I’ll try this recipe again soon, maybe cinnamon?

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