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Father and sons

One thing I have come to cherish more and more over time is the relationship Richard has with our sons. From the time Blake was born, Richard has worked to develop a relationship with each of the boys.


I was, and am again, a stay-at-home mom. This means for the most part I am the one who is around. I’m the one who cooks for, cleans up after, bandages, listens to, and drives the boys. I am typically the one who helps with homework and listens to their stories about 07_13_bc_01their day.

But, this doesn’t mean that I’m the only one who has a strong bond with the boys. When they were infants, Richard was so good about spending time with  them when he was home, including in the middle of the night. I can remember many nights where he was the one walking with them to help them settle. He spent nights sleeping on the couch with Colby propped up on his shoulder because of Colby fighting congestion. Even though he had to go to work in the morning, he did it because they are our sons.

In the early years, Richard was in charge at bedtime. He helped with baths, read the bedtime story and spent time talking to each of them before going to bed. All I did at that time, was come in and say good night. This was a two fold benefit. It gave me time to relax after being home with two toddlers all day, it gave the boys and Richard time together, and then Richard and I could spend time together.


As the boys got older, bedtime routines changed, but the relationship forged between Richard and the boys stays strong. Richard still carves out time for them. Over the years he has been to almost every sports game and most of the practices. He has seen every performance and other school events. He goes to these thing with a smile, or at least a smirk, and goes because he knows it is important to his sons.


Richard has developed a unique relationship with each of the boys. I will see him walking around with Colby talking about anything and everything. The enjoy nature together, going on bike rides or walks. They will talk about construction, computers, and who knows what else. He shares a love of music with Blake as well as things dealing with the military. They often play chess together.

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I look forward to watching this dynamic grow and change. But, I can tell you one thing for sure… the bond they share is strong and the love is even stronger


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