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Spring is on the way?

Today life got back to normal. Richard took the boys to the bus stop and headed off to work. I went to the gym and then to the grocery store. Yep, life is getting back to normal.

spring6This weekend the weather started to get a bit nicer. At least the never ending snow stopped. I swear it snowed every day while Richard was away. It never accumulated, but it snowed. The temperatures were COLD last week too. We barely got into the 30s most days. Today was are already at 48F. It is deceiving when you look out the windows. When you look outside the sun is shining, the sky is bright blue and it looks warm. Yeah, it’s not warm.

Richard and I had a conversation about this yesterday. We were outside walking the spring3backyard talking about what we want to do back there. While we were outside the people who purchased the lot next door drove up to look at the lot. The wife was seeing the lot for the first time. They were in town for their design meeting and were getting ready to head back to NJ. They are actually moving back to Pittsburgh, I find this to be common around here… people move away and then move back, that says a lot about the area. They have a little boy who is about 5 months old and a dog. They are actually building the same model that we have, so I invited her in to see the layout of the kitchen, morning room, family room area. Plus it was only 40F, windy and the baby was only wearing a sleeper, the mom in me thought he’d be too cold while we stood outside and chatted.

I will be happy when their house is built because that is the last house on our cul-de-sac. It also means I don’t have to look out on an empty lot. Now if they can just sell the corner lot and get that built, I’d rather look at two houses than the trash and construction debris on these two lots right now.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I’m so ready for more signs of spring to come. As you can see from my picture, my crocuses are blooming (the tulips have started growing too). I have also seen quite a few cardinals and we had a ladybug in the house yesterday. I love seeing signs of spring to come. But, since snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, I guess I’ll just pretend that today is the start of spring!


I hope your Monday finds you back into your routine and ready to take on the week ahead. I hope spring is in full bloom in your neck of the woods. Drop me a line to let me know signs of spring you have already seen… I need to know it is on the way!


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