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Fruit plate

When my boys were little I realized quickly that neither of my boys were fruit or veggie eaters. Colby is better than Blake, but only eats raw veggies. I’m ok with this most veggies I prefer raw to cooked as well.

When they were little I always made sure to put some kind of fruit or vegetable on their plate for dinner. They were expected to eat at least one bite of everything on their plate. As they got older, I sort of got out of this habit. You get to a point where it just isn’t worth the fight.

They have to take a fruit with them every day to have with their lunch. For Blake, this means that every day he has 1/2 an apple. At this point that is the only fruit or vegetable he will willing eat. Colby likes apples, grapes,pears, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raisins, carrots, spinach, broccoli and peas.

Last night we were having sandwiches for dinner. Colby made peanut butter and honey. Blake had a grilled ham and cheese and I had grilled ham, turkey and cheese. (Richard had to work late) I decided we needed to have some fruits and veggies with our dinner. I’ve been trying to eat more fruits and veggies anyway.


So, I cut up 2 carrots, a banana and a kiwi and added that to a platter with red grapes. I told them they had to eat at least two different things off the plate. I wasn’t concerned about Colby, but I was about Blake. I figured he’d try to take 2 items off the plate and say that was it.  But, he didn’t Blake had carrots, grapes and banana. He realized that he likes bananas again. I’m not sure he will choose to eat these without a bit of push, but I will certainly do this again and see if I can increase everyone’s consumption of fruits and veggies on a regular basis!

Tonight we are having pork chops, sweet potatoes and apple sauce. Wonder how much they will eat tonight?


11 thoughts on “Fruit plate

  1. Go Blake! That’s awesome. I’m sure the older he gets, the more he’ll eat new things. I used to hate so many things when I was a kid, now I’ll eat pretty much anything. Except celery. Yuck.

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    1. it’s tough to try to convince them to try new things, but we are getting there. I like celery with peanut butter, but that’s about it. For me broccoli is the big yuck, but I’ve discovered broccoli slaw which I’ll eat. the tree part I’m not sure I can get past the texture


    1. they go through phases. It used to be Colby who was the really picky one for a long time the only meat he would eat was bacon. They know they have to eat one bite of everything, but most of the time it isn’t done willingly


  2. When I was a child I had to take two bites, so I think that your boys are getting off easy! 😉 Funny how some kids just eat whatever, while others struggle with the idea of variety. Your fruit plate looks good to me.

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    1. I tell them they have to take a real bite, not a nibble. They don’t get off too easy, but it’s a start to get them to try new things. I was very happy with the fruit plate and could have ate almost the whole thing (I don’t like bananas.. yucky mushy things)

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