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just a bit of snow

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, we got some snow today. I decided to take some pictures with my phone (sorry the quality isn’t the best) to give you an idea of how much snow fell. It did finally stop snowing for a while, but just started up again a few minutes ago.

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11 thoughts on “just a bit of snow

        1. they had 2 built in so they didn’t have to make up two. then they started taking away days off that weren’t real holidays. The took off the last day of their spring break (spring break here is a long weekend over Easter, they originally had Th, F and M off now just Th and F). This time they took away a day they had off in April. So much better than adding days on at the end like most districts do. As a kid and teacher those extra days are just torture because you keep thinking you should be out of school already

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          1. You have just random days off throughout the year? Are they professional development days for the teachers?
            Yup that would be the worst having to stay longer in June!

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    1. ours started melting last night at least off the street and sidewalks. We still have a winter wonderland on the grass and trees, but I’m ok with that. I just wish it would some how not snow where the cars go… then life would be better. Hope your snow melts soon

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