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The Identicals– book review


Last night I finished reading The Identicals, by Elin Hilderbrand. This was a much lighter departure from the last few books I have read. I always enjoy reading Elin Hilderbrand books. Elin Hilderbrand typically sets her books on Nantucket Island.

The Identicals is written about identical twin sisters, Tabitha and Harper. The unique part of this story is when their parents divorced the girls were forced to pick a parent. Tabitha went to live with their mother and Harper lived with their father. Tabitha and her mother lived on Nantucket and Harper and her father lived on Martha’s Vineyard. This put the girls 11 miles away, but it may have been across the country.

Before the divorce the girls were inseparable, but after they had little to nothing to do with each other. They lived opposite lives.

Harper is carefree and goes from job to job. She find love, but he is the married doctor who is caring for their dying father. This causes issues for her in so many ways.

Tabitha works for her mother a famous women’s clothing designer and lives in her mother’s carriage house. Tabitha is raising her teenage daughter, but that is a rocky relationship. There is a lot to Tabitha’s background that takes a woman who seems to have it all together and shows that it is all smoke and mirrors.

When Billy, the girl’s father passes away, the twins are forced back into each others lives. Then things get worse when Eleanor breaks her hip. Can the girls figure out how to live and function together, on their own islands or together on the same island? What happens when identicals are forced to deal with their past, present and future? Can they find the relationship they once had?

If you are looking for a fun, light read, this might be the book for you. I’m heading to Costco today… maybe I’ll find my next book there? If not, I plan to re-read Harry Potter. We have started collecting the fully illustrated versions and I have yet to read it in this format.


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