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Saturday is for Family Fun

Yesterday found us with lots to do, but it didn’t feel super busy. We started the day by sleeping in, isn’t this the best part of the weekends? Then we headed off the gym. The boys are participating in a 6 week programs called Little Lifters. They are showing kids 8-13 safe ways to workout at their age. The first week they did body weight exercises (squats, burpees, jumping jacks, plank, push up, etc…). This week they used light dumbbells and did: curls, shoulder press, Russian twist, goblet squat, triceps extensions and row. The class last an hour and they do rotations of six stations while talking about form and safety.

Typically when the boys workout in this class Richard and I do too. Well we started out with our typical 5 min on the rowing machine and then moved on with out workout. Richard hasn’t felt good since he returned from his travel and no one likes to workout when you can’t breathe right soooo we switched things up a lot! We decided to walk the track for a while and then when we got tired of that we went and shot baskets on the basketball court. We learned that neither of us is good at basketball, but we actually had a lot of laughs and enjoyed just goofing around for a bit.


When we were done we headed to Lowes and DiBella’s our typical Saturday jaunt. We actually had a reason to go to Lowes other than to torture the boys (they now hate going to Lowes unless we tell them a “good reason for it”). This now means that we have a good reason to go to Lowes… to annoy them! But this time we were going to get a grill. We sold our grill in Orlando and have yet to get a new one. This would be shocking to those who knew us in Florida because we grilled out ALL THE TIME. I would say that I grilled at least 4 out of 7 meals a week. I’m so ready for a steak or grilled pizza. Grilled chicken is so much better than baked. Yep, we are ready to have a grill again!

After working a bit in the yard to get the grill up and ready to go, the boys and Richard took their Traxxas trucks out in front. Richard has had a Traxxas truck for a few years now. The boys got theirs for Christmas. They love taking them out into the cul-de-sac and driving them around. Most of the snow has melted, but the corners of all the driveways still have piles that made great jumps. Colby took his over into the empty lot next door. (They are going to miss this when they build the house next door starting soon)

Richard has become the resident Traxxas mechanic. He has a lot of parts and pieces already, but you can get replacements at hobby shops and sometimes on Amazon. Blake has already had to learn that, as he broke a part on his truck already.

When we were done with that it was time for dinner. Colby had requested pancakes. I decided to try out a new recipe from a cookbook that I have. I have a recipe off pinterest that I typically use, but decided to try something new. These pancakes had less sugar, but more dairy(buttermilk, sour cream, and butter). For this recipe you had to separate the eggs and whip the whites (I handed this job over to Richard so I could finish the rest of the recipe).

The pancakes batter was a lot thicker than our other recipe. It created a more “cakey” pancake, but it had good flavor. I tried my first bite with just a bit of butter. When I was a kid I always ate my pancakes with just butter. I’m not sure when I started using maple syrup. My boys eat their pancakes with syrup and no butter. Richard eats his with both butter and syrup. I always find it interesting to see how differently people in one family can eat the same food items.

After dinner we decided to watch Ghostbusters. We have been slowly watching some great “classic” movies with the boys. We have watched Indiana Jones, Forest Gump, Star Wars, Back to the Future and many more movies that we enjoyed growing up and over the years before the boys were born. It is very funny to watch what was at the time considered impressive graphics and think wow this is really sad looking.

That was our Saturday. It was a busy, fun filled, family day. I love days like that when we can do a lot, but it doesn’t feel super busy because we are having fun together. I hope your Saturday was productive and your Sunday brings about smiles and sunshine!



5 thoughts on “Saturday is for Family Fun

  1. Sounds like a good day! I love watching older movies and seeing the graphics. Even some movies from the early 2000s look so out of date in terms of special effects. Crazy how much technology has changed in such a short period of time.

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