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Over The Bar at the Boathouse

Yesterday we had a lazy morning. We didn’t actually do much until about 11:30. At that time, we decided to take Dixie to the Dog Stop for their last week of Sunday Day Care. She loved this break and opportunity to go visit with other dogs. After we dropped her off, we decided to head out to lunch. We couldn’t decide what we wanted to have, so decided to go somewhere we hadn’t been in a while.

Off to Over The Bar at the Boathouse in North Park! We hadn’t been there in a while and thought we’d go see if it was too busy. We were pleased to see that there wasn’t a wait and we went right in and sat down. We were introduced to Over the Bar by our realtor when we came up to Pittsburgh one year ago. It’s hard to believe that one year ago we picked out the lot.

We have been there a few other times. The best time to go is when the patio is open and you can watch the people out on the lake. The sun was shining and there were a lot of people out walking, running and biking in North Park. But, this did not mean it was anywhere warm enough to sit outside. So, we ate inside. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with a lot of different bike items as well as other retro vehicle items.

Richard had “The Trail Builder” which is a burger with 2 kinds of cheese, bacon and onion strings. He said the burger was charred a bit more than he would normally like, but he ate it all.IMG_20180325_132544

I had “Pedal Paddle Panini”. This is a panini with roasted red peppers, tomato and fresh motzarella. It was good, but the balance of the ingredients was a bit off. I took the tomatoes off Richard’s burger, he doesn’t really like tomatoes, and this helped a bit. The peppers was the dominant flavor. I ate the whole thing AND all my fries. The fries were the best thing.


Blake ordered “The tricycle”… chicken tenders and chips. There was NOTHING left when he was done. The chicken tenders looked really good. The chips are made fresh in house and are yummy.  The kids get to keep the Frisbee if you want it too.


Colby ordered the “Hard Tail” which is the basic burger, but he added cheddar cheese and bacon. Colby picked tater tots for his side. The burger was over cooked and dried. He ordered it cooked medium, but it was more well done in my opinion. He ate about half of it. Granted the burger was as big as his head!


We were not happy with the cook on the burgers on this visit, but it won’t stop us from visiting again. I can’t wait to go again when the patio is open.


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