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Some days I know exactly what I want to blog about and can jump right on and blog. Other days something will jump into my mind as the day goes along. But days like today, I’m clueless what to write about.

I’m reading two books, but not ready to blog about either one. I made carrot cake yesterday, but haven’t had it yet, so can’t blog about that. I’m making beef and peppers with homemade rolls, I could write about that, but it’s not OMG I need to share this recipe with everyone.

Maybe it’s the fact that it is raining for the second day in a row? Maybe it’s because my sinuses are telling me that spring is in the air and the air pressure is changing? Maybe I’m just in a rut?

Who knows, but this is the best I can do. Talk about how I have nothing to talk about. (oops I guess write about having nothing to write about, or maybe I should say type even).

I see my blog as a conversation with my readers. I type the same way I talk. I guess it is often just a one sided conversation?

Today is the boys Friday as they have Thursday and Friday off, originally they had Monday off too, but that is being used as a make-up day for snow. So maybe tomorrow I’ll have something to write about. You never know what kind of things will pop in my head when the kiddos are around all day.

I hope your Wednesday is full of fun and excitement. I hope you enjoy(ed) your day and have a fun thing for me to read about on your blog. If you have any suggestions of what I could/should blog about… let me know. I hate not having a plan/topic to write on. Oh well… it happens to the best of us.

Talk/write/type with/to/for you soon!


5 thoughts on “blank!

  1. I like blog posts like the one you wrote here. Not every post need be a deep pithy exploration of the fabulosity of your life. Some quiet little blog posts add balance to a blog, and make a blogger seem more relatable. So, good job!

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    1. that works too. I’m trying to keep my blog fluid and just based on the random things that pop in my head to write about. sometimes I wish I’d started with a more formula based blog, but then I remember that I get bored easily


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