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It’s Friday

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It’s Friday. I have to keep reminding myself about that fact. The boys didn’t have school yesterday or today so this is totally throwing off my days of the week feeling. Richard is home today too so it feels even more like a weekend day.

Today we got up and went to take Richard’s truck to the garage so that he could get his regular maintenance. We decided this would be a great opportunity to go out to Kelly O’s for breakfast. We have never been there during the week and were sort of shocked to walk right in and sit down. The food did not disappoint! Colby had 2 chocolate chip pancakes with bacon, Blake had a build your own omelette (ham and cheddar cheese) with Italian Toast and shredded potatoes, Richard had a Philly cheese steak omelette with raisin toast and shredded potatoes, my dad had blueberry pancake, my mom a Belgium waffle and I had a breakfast sandwich (scrambled egg, bacon, cheddar cheese on a bagel).

After, we drove to the Container Store and walked around to get ideas for the master bedroom closet and the mud room. I have so many thoughts, but we need to find the time, money and what not to get them done. We then headed to Toys R Us. This store was among the original closure stores so they only have 13 days left. The boys still found a few things they wanted to pick up and who can say no to those prices? I need to go to the other one we have nearby that was in the second round of closing so they haven’t been liquidated as much. I want to see if I can get some more games and a few other things.

The boys are going to a flashlight egg hunt tonight. I wonder if it will still be outside since it has rained every day since Monday. It isn’t raining now, but the world is mushy! I was glad to find an egg hunt that is geared towards older kids. Bringing a 9 and 11 year old to an egg hunt were the eggs are just toss around for all age kids doesn’t work very well. Plus my kids won’t eat 90% of the candy in the eggs anyway. This one says it has bigger prizes too. We will see tonight.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend… if you celebrate Easter, Passover or just are enjoying the start of spring… enjoy your weekend!


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