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leftovers all week

Last week, my parents were up to celebrate my father’s birthday and Easter. Whenever I have people over I tend to make too much food. I don’t know why I can’t gauge how much food to make beyond the four of us. So this week for dinner we are having:


(I finally hung up my menu board… the boys aren’t happy with the meals planned this week)

So my challenge this week is how do you change and transform food into a new meal. Yesterday I made Italian Chicken with the left over grilled chicken. I took the chicken and cut it up into bite size pieces. Then put this into a pot with spaghetti sauce and cooked pasta to go with it. I ended up having leftover quinoa instead of pasta to make it a bit healthier.

Right now I have the potatoes au gratin behind me being transformed into potato soup.

I know that on Wednesday we are going to take the leftover steak, cook up some onions and peppers and make steak wraps.

Tonight we are having left over ham. Ham… how does one transform ham? yeah… not really happening. I guess I’ll make some rice and a fruit plate and call it a meal. Or I could make scramblers, but we just had that on Sunday too.

Then we have leftover beef and peppers from Friday.

Sooo many leftovers. I don’t mind leftovers, but this is a lot for one week. At least most of them I can transform into something else.

What do you do with your leftovers? Any suggestions for leftover ham??



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