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It’s Friday Eve

It’s Thursday. That means it is Friday Eve, isn’t that a great way to look at Thursdays? This has been a fast week for me, but I’m not sure I actually did a whole lot. Yesterday was a productive in house day. We had rain, wind, snow and sun yesterday as well as cold temperatures so it was a perfect stay home day. I put away all the Easter decorations, but didn’t have anything to put out so now the house feels bare, oh well. I also managed to get all the beds stripped and washed, cleaned the bathrooms and swept the floors.

After dinner (leftover chicken and steak wraps… make your own!), we worked on the menu for next week. I think going to the grocery store on Thursdays might be a good day for me, I’ll try it out for a few weeks. Typically I shop on Mondays, but then it feels like we have no food on the weekends, when everyone is home. On the menu this week we have: make your own scramblers, quesadillas, tuna steaks, TBD, meatballs and fish tacos. I’ll make rolls to go with the meatballs, not sure yet if I’ll make grinder rolls or small rolls, time will tell.

Today we woke up to more blowing snowflakes and 27 degrees F. What month are we in? At least neither the snow yesterday nor today stuck so it was just in looking out and seeing snow flying around. While I was having my coffee and then my breakfast I was watching my bird feeders. Over the weekend we moved the feeder again and now I can see it from my computer again. I decided to take some pictures of the birds I could see. This morning I saw: doves, goldfinch, cardinals, blue jays, crows and black birds. We typically have starlings around too. Yesterday we even had a turkey walk through the backyard.

andesI went to the gym and then to the grocery store. While I was there, I picked up some Andes candies and decided to make chocolate chocolate Andes cookies. Yep, you read that right! I haven’t made cookies in a few weeks so it was time. I took this recipe and altered it with peppermint extra, a bit of extra salt and then substituted 1 cup of chips for chopped up Andes candies.

The other big change this week is the lot next door. They have already dug the foundation and then today they began working on changing the topography of the backyard. This is good and bad for us. We wanted them to alter topography of our backyard, but they wouldn’t do it. I think they are doing it this time because the other builder in the neighborhood cleaned up the lot of two lots that back up to the property next to us. Now I wonder what they are going to do between our property and the one they are working on. My boys would have loved this when they were little. They loved construction vehicles so much and would have probably spent hours just sitting and watching dump truck after dump truck get loaded up by the back hoe.

Hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse into my Friday Eve. Tomorrow I’m off to the boys’ school to help with the 4th grade science Olympics. Then it’s the weekend. I’m always ready for the weekend. Hope this week has been nice to you.


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday Eve

    1. I may or may not have had to sample one of the candies as I was unwrapping them. Colby is very excited about the science Olympics. they mixed the kids across 8 classes together. they will go to a bunch of different stations to participate in science experiments/activities while competing against different groups. At the end they will give out awards to the teams that win the most points.


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