blogger laziness and a bit of rambles

Yesterday I was a slacker blogger. You may have noticed that I just popped off a quick post at the end of the day yesterday. I was at the school from 7:20 until 2:00 helping out with the Science Olympiad. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. Colby came home from school exhausted as I’m sure most of the kids did. This was their last school day before testing starts, so that was a fun way to prep for state testing. Blake has testing the next 2 weeks and Colby has testing the next 3 weeks.

I also didn’t read anyone else’s blog yesterday, that is normally a morning time thing for me, so I tried to plow through a lot of them today. I try to keep up with most of the bloggers who leave comments on my blog. I always feel this is the start of a conversation/ a kinship/ a something and when I know that you are reading and commenting on my blog, then I’m more drawn into reading yours on a regular basis. Others, I tend to read if they peek my interest. Am I the only one who blogs this way?

This week has been a revisiting of winter for us. We had some type of snow every day and woke up to a little over an inch of accumulated snow today again. Ok… I’m done with winter now. Can we move onto spring?

This weekend will be a slow keep life simple weekend. We will try to stay on our normal routines and get the kids to bed at a reasonable time. I really hate state testing, yes I know I’m a teacher, yes I know there is a need for accountability, but this still doesn’t feel like it is it. At least here in this school district (or at least this school) they don’t stress the kids out as much over the whole thing. My sons don’t feel the pressure as much as they did in FL.

This coming week also finds me finally going and taking the PA teacher tests. I am not stressing out over this… it is what it is. I am not going to study. I’m not going to do anything but show up and take the test. I’m totally in the mode of if it is meant to be I’ll be fine.  If not… Oh well. (part of me know that I’ll be totally ticked with myself if I don’t pass… I don’t do failure well!)

Well… time to get ready to head to the gym. I wonder what the boys will do this week in their little lifters class? I’m dragging and my throat is scratchy so we will see how much energy I have for working out today. But… I’m going and that is a start.

Happy Saturday!



13 thoughts on “blogger laziness and a bit of rambles

    1. no it is testing of the kids on the standards for their year. it in essence forces the teachers to teach a full year’s curriculum in less than an academic year. The test usually take multiple days for example they both have 3 days of ELA (English Language Arts testing) this includes one day where when do a text dependent writing assignment and 2 days of math testing. Colby also will have 2 days of science testing. These tests are mandated by the government and effect the financial standing of the school districts. Some states put even more pressure on and grade the schools and teachers as well as provide financial bonus for the schools who score high and/or improve to specific levels. The kids still have to go to school for their regular academic week during testing time. (the testing that I am doing next week myself is the testing to get my teaching certification in PA)

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      1. Wow! We have a similar test but it takes one week and is only done in grades 4,7 and 9. We all laugh at it though because parents and schools can exempt students- so it ends up being very worthless.
        Good luck on your testing! I’m sure you’ll do fabulous:)

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        1. this is taken by the kids in 3-8 and then there are also tests of kids in specific HS classes. Parents have tried to Opt out, but it doesn’t really work. In FL, at least I know there is one extra week for make up testing so unless you are keeping your child home for multiple weeks your child will be tested

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          1. We have had a huge push down in curriculum the last few years, I could write a whole post on the effect that has had on kids too. you are right there is a need for balance. or at least in letting those teachers in the trenches to make the decisions on what is best in the classrooms again

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  1. I try to visit and comment on the blogs of people who come to my blog and leave comments. I think that’s how it is supposed to be in the blogosphere. We are here to create a sense of community that is different from the one we experience in real life– so we have to stay in touch via comments. My point being, I agree with you. Hope your tests are going well.

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