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Does mother nature know the date?

Today was another blowy snowy day. Does Mother Nature know that it is April 8th? Is Jack Frost trying to take over this spring season this year? What is going on. I’m ready for temperatures above the 40s and no more snow. I don’t think this is too much to ask.

It was a lazy day for me. I got to sleep in, or at least stay in bed late since the boys decided they needed to sit outside my door and bug the dog while talking loudly. When I finally came downstairs I decided coffee was needed. I never drank coffee until I moved here. My parents bought us a Keurig to have here so they could make coffee and as well as my in-laws when they come to stay. Well as the winter got colder I went from making hot chocolate in it to making flavored coffee. I needed that extra kick of caffeine.

VanillaCoffee-Mate Natural Bliss Chocolate All-NaturalNatural Bliss Salted Caramel

I only have flavored coffee with flavored creamer in it. I’ve found I really like CoffeeMate Natural Bliss creamer. The one I use is made with real milk and cream, they have others with almond milk, coconut milk and honey. I’ve actually never tried the other ones. I typically get chocolate or vanilla, but have also tried the caramel flavored too. They are really good and do not have an artificial flavor like traditional flavored coffee creamers.

Most days I have one cup of coffee while I get the boys out the door, today was a two cup day and I wasn’t even getting the kids up and going. Maybe the fact that my head is super congested contributed to my need for an extra cup of coffee?

I’m not sure if my coffee drinking will continue once it is not so cold in the mornings or not, but I can’t tell you yet since it isn’t anywhere near warm. So I’ll continue to enjoy my coffee with Natural Bliss creamer.




11 thoughts on “Does mother nature know the date?

  1. Oh I tried the caramel one mad with coconut milk in Maine last summer and loved it!!! I’m so mad that I can’t get it here and I didn’t see it in Arizona either:(
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some decent weather for you!

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  2. I drink coffee every morning. I don’t care about the temperature outside, opting for hot black coffee. Flavors in coffee are not my thing, but if you found something that you like–then yay! And if you can make it at home, even better. Star$ is called that for a reason!

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