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I’ve mentioned before that we play a lot of games here. We try to play at least one game every night before the kids go to bed. Now, this doesn’t always happen, but it is the goal. So, this also means that over the years we have obtained a large variety of games. Today I’m going to share with you three new card games that we have acquired. One I picked up at Target, and the other two the boys got in their Easter baskets.

Image result for five crownsThe first one is called Five Crowns. This game is called five crowns because there are five suits in this gin rummy style game. The other unique feature of this game is each round is played with a different number of cards. The first round is only played with 3 cards and each following round increases by one card until you get to 13 cards. The other piece of this is each round there is a different wild card. in the first round you deal 3 cards and ‘3’ is the wild card, then four cards are dealt and ‘4’ is wild. This continues until you deal 13 cards and the king is wild. It is played with groups and runs just like other rummy games. Just like gin rummy you have to be able to play all the card in your hand down (with one to discard) in order to play down. We have been playing this game for a while and really enjoy this version. There is some strategy as well as some luck. You do keep score and the person with the lowest score at the end of the “king” hand is the winner. Make sure you read the directions because there are a few nuances that I didn’t explain here.

The next game is called 3 Up, 3 Down. This game is a lot of fun. I will tell you one thing, it Image result for 3 up 3 down card gametook a while to understand the directions of this game. The first time we read the directions and tried to play we were a bit confused. Play this game you get dealt 3 cards that you leave face down on the table. Then you get dealt 6 cards. Three of these are placed on top of the 3 cards that are down on the table. The other three cards become your hand. The remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table. You then begin play. You can play one card out of your hand as long as it is the same number or a higher number than the discard pile. If in my hand I have  5, 5, 9, and the discard pile shows a 3 I can play both my 5s which is nice because you want to play as many cards as you can. You then replace the cards so you again have 3 cards in your hand. If you have 2, 4, 5 in your hand, and the top on the discard pile is a 7, you have to take the whole pile and keep them all in your hand. There are also clear, clear +1 and clear +2 cards in the deck and this takes all the cards out of the discard pile and moves the game forward. You keep playing this way until the pile with all the extra cards is gone. Once all the draw cards are gone you can finally play off all 3 cards in your hand. When this happens you then can start playing your 3 up cards, then finally your 3 down cards. Yep as I said it is tricky to figure out the first time, but once you do it is a lot of fun. We have played this with 6 people and with 4 people and it doesn’t matter it is funny either way.

Image result for no thanks card gameThe final game I’m going to share today is called No Thanks. This game we have only played with 6 people and I feel it is a game that is better with the larger group. With this game you are given a specific number of tokens and no cards are dealt out. On your turn you can choose to either take the card that is flipped up on the discard pile (and any chips on top) or say no thank you by putting one of your chips on top. This game you keep score of the cards you collect in front of you. If you get a run of 3 or more cards then the run is only scored with the lowest number of the run. Each token you have at the end of the game subtracts points from your score. Oh and on more kicker, 9 cards are counted off the deck to begin with so you won’t know if the cards you need to make your run are even in the deck.

I love when we find new games that are fun, simple, quick games. We love card games that keep score because you can continue them over a few days if needed. Do you like to play games? What new games have you tried lately?

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