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Today is one of those days where I’m just going through the motions of life. I did simple things like iron Richard’s shirts, sweep and mop the hardwood floors, and did the dishes.

I was watching Trading Spaces, that I recorded on Saturday. I loved watching this show when it was around the first time. I was excited to see it come back. I started by watching the reunion show. I wish they would bring people on who were on the show the first go around. They had a few of this, but not enough. I want to hear from the people. I want to hear what they thought of their room. Did they leave it? Bring on the people who had the flowers stapled to the walls. Or the people who had their room filled with sand or covered with circus fabric.

I think one of the best things this show did for me was give me permission to see it was ok to go beyond painting the room one color. That you can choose colors that might not be always seen as traditional and make it work. I’ve had fun creating visions for our houses. I’ve enjoyed taking a concept and pushing it to work for our family. Would I want some of the designers on the show to decorate a room in my house… ummm nope! Would I like to have others, yes. But, at the same time, I can try to do it myself. And that is the fact of this show in my opinion.

I often feel this way when I watch cooking shows too. I love watching what they make. How they thing and how they take what they are given and make it work and taste yummy. There are some chefs I’d love to meet. There are some who I would love to eat in their restaurant, and others… not so much.

There are so many great shows out there that can be watched not only for enjoyment, but that can also motivate you to be more creative, to think outside the box, to try new things.

I will continue to enjoy watching the design and cooking shows. Maybe it will continue to foster my creative juices.


5 thoughts on “TV Shows

  1. I really want to see the new Trading Spaces. I’ve heard a mixed reviews on it so I want to judge for myself. Your opinion on wanting some designers in your house and keeping others away is exactly how I feel. It all depends on how much you like their style compared to yours.

    Cooking shows are my weakness lol. I love them so much and could watch them all day long if someone let me.

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    1. some of the designers on that show are just way over the top. some I don’t really like their style for my house, but I appreciate their style. Other well… (there are days that I do watch cooking shows all day, or at least until my kids get home and the radio is turned on)

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