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Brownies with a twist

It was grocery shopping day! I headed to the store and got almost everything on my list. Well wait… I got everything on the paper list, but forgot the few things I forgot to actually write down. So, in my book, I got everything on the list, I may just need to start next week’s list today!

Anyway, as I often find, grocery store day for me means baking day too. I’ve already finished a batch of granolagranola2. Richard has yogurt with granola almost every morning for breakfast. He just finished up the last batch today, now isn’t that convenient?

When I woke up this morning I was thinking that I wanted to make cookies today. I was thinking something different would be good… maybe a gingersnap or molasses cookie? But, when I tossed this idea at Richard he wasn’t sold. While I was surfing Facebook I saw a link to Junk Food Brownies. This sounded good. But, me being, well me… I had to change things up a bit. I read through the brownie recipe linked to the post and it didn’t make me jump up and say… yep that’s it. So off into the interwebs I went and found a recipe for Fudgey Special Dark Brownies on Hershey’s site. Who would know chocolate recipes better than Hershey??

I made the brownies, or I am making the brownies, they are baking as I type this post. I’m going to switch up the Junk Food topping a bit too. I am going to top it with pretzels and peanuts then the caramel sauce. This reminds me of a Take 5 bar, ok it doesn’t have the peanut butter, but it’s on that avenue. Think about it a chewy dark chocolate brownie topped with pretzels and peanuts enrobed in homemade caramel sauce.  I can’t wait to try them.


This is the first time I made homemade caramel sauce. It felt like it took forever and I’m not sure I made it exactly right, but the bit I tried while cleaning up tasted yummy.  I put the brownies in the fridge so the caramel can totally set up. Also, I read somewhere that if you do this it makes it easier to cut the brownies without them looking a mess.

Something tells me that Richard will like this change of baking plans. But, I still think I may make one of those cookies soon, just not this week.


15 thoughts on “Brownies with a twist

    1. They are good. They sort of remind me of a brownie with a popcorn ball on top of it. Richard took a majority of them to work yesterday and they were pretty much gone before he left work. I think he said there were 2 left in the tin. So, I’d say his co-workers enjoyed them

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