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Pizza in pieces?

A few times in the past I’ve tried to make homemade pizza dough. I never seemed to be able to get it to come out the correct consistency. Well, since I’ve decided that I make dough best in the bread machine we decided to try making pizza dough again.

When the machine signaled that it was done I questioned the consistency again. It was really sticky and seemed off. But, we continued with the directions on the recipe to see where it would go from there.

dinner6Richard is the pizza maker in the house. When the dough was done with it’s final rise, he took over working with the dough. Richard decided to make grilled pizza instead of the stromboli we had planned due to the way the dough was rolling out. It was really thin in the middle and started to tear. He then went and put the pizza on the grill. This was sort of an epic fail. It cooked… well there were grill marks and the middle was done. The edges were still super doughy. Plus it came off in pieces.

We decided to trudge forward with the making of the meal. Richard topped the dough dinner5with sauce and added cheese. We decided to forego the meatball topping and just heat it up in a dish to add when done. We also didn’t season it up as much as we normally season our pizza.

When he pulled the pizza pieces off the grill it started to look a lot better. It actually tasted like decent pizza crust. A few thing we noticed: 1. we didn’t have cornmeal which we usually use, which helps slide the dough on and off the pizza peal. 2. the dough probably needed to chill after the last rise, it was slightly warmer than it should be which would have contributed to the tearing 3. the dough would have been easier to manipulate in two smaller dough balls instead of one large ball.


We will certainly try again. I have 2 more recipes I want to try. One from Alton Brown, but that one calls for 18-24 hr in the fridge which we didn’t have this time. The other is on the package of pizza yeast, what better recipe to try? This is the recipe I made this time from Genius Kitchen.

Have you made homemade pizza dough? Any hints? Got a recipe you think I should try? Hmmm maybe we will have to try again next weekend. We will see.


7 thoughts on “Pizza in pieces?

    1. grilled pizza is the best! the crust gets really crispy and you get just a touch of the char flavor where the grill marks are left. We grilled pizza all the time in FL, who wants to put the oven on in FL? I’m sure we will here too just because it tastes yummy

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    1. I think using the pizza peal helps with the making of the pizza on the grill. I can honestly say that this is Richard’s domain not mine so I can’t help you will the grilling part other than to say it tastes good.

      I will certainly post about the Alton Brown recipe when I try that. It will probably be the next one I try.


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